Larry's Fitness Journey--Blog #2


Well, here is the first check-in. It took a little longer than expected but finally got it done. The first month was interesting, some highs and some lows, if I can be honest. I lost weight quickly and started to see changes, but there were some days when the workouts were just too tough, or I just didn’t feel like going. 

Larry's Fitness Journey--Blog #1

My transformation coach Keyon Clinton, pushed me every step of the way, even when I didn’t think I could do one more rep or lift any more weight. At times, well most times, I despised him, but I’m glad that he pushed me the way he did. 

I’m very excited for this second month; I’m on a new workout plan and new diet. I’m excited for the change. Watch some highlights from the first month in the video above, and thank you for following my fitness transformation. 

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