New York doctors researching for long-term solution for ear infections

Study involves collecting data to help the CDC develop a new vaccine

Doctors are conducting a study to gather enough data about ear infections to help the CDC develop a new vaccine.

Doctors in the Rochester Regional Health Network in New York are taking on a new look at a long-time problem.

In a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, doctors are studying ear infection-causing bacteria to gather data in an effort to help the CDC develop a new vaccine.

"They're becoming resistant to the regular antibiotics that children are receiving, and they also get vaccines against ear infections," said Michael Pichichero, director of the Rochester Regional Health Research Institute.

Pichichero said even those vaccines have become less effective, making treatment a challenge.

The study involves draining, collecting samples from infected ears and analyzing them in labs.

"This was a good opportunity to do something extra that we couldn't do before," said Andrew Sherman, a pediatrician participating in the study. "A lot of children are having a lot of symptoms of fever, pain and I want to be a part of something that can help decrease that."

It may take at least two years before the vaccine receives FDA approval for testing on children.