Ascension Michigan Heart Report: Dr. Daher

Understanding Chronic Total Occlusion

Question: Explain to us the form of heart disease known as chronic total occlusion

Dr. Daher: Chronic Total occlusion is an artery that has been occluded for three months and patients continue to have chest pains because of that. So this occlusion in the past we have been treating them medically because the chance of success was low, nowadays we have a 60-70% chance at least, of opening these arteries.

Question: How is the team here at Ascension St. John treating CTO?

Dr. Daher: Yes so these are complex procedures, they require high technical skills, so we’ve assembled a great group of doctors to take care of these occlusions and we’ve assembled all the tools that we need and the equipment specialized for this kind of procedures and we’ve had great success so far.

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