Coronavirus in Michigan: New cases, exposure locations, more about patients

12 new confirmed cases brings Michigan’s total to 65

DETROIT – Health officials have confirmed another dozen positive cases of the coronavirus in Michigan while also releasing more information about exposure locations and the people who have already tested positive.

One of the new cases is a resident of the All Seasons of West Bloomfield senior living facility -- the second person from that center to test positive for the coronavirus.

Officials also revealed the AMC Fairlane 21 theaters in Dearborn as an exposure location. That exposure happened March 10.

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We’re learning more information about the people who have contracted the virus in Michigan. They range in age from 5 to 92 years old. Of the Michigan cases, 58% are male, and Oakland County has the most cases, with 16.

Testing is ramping up in Michigan and across the country. An FDA decision is clearing the way for even more options.

“All states can now authorize tests developed and used within their borders, in addition to the FDA,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said announced Tuesday.

That announcement will help bring tests to more people, but Fauci said it’s measures such as staying home and social distancing that remain critically important right now.

“We tend to think that we’re not going to be able to mitigate or contain with testing,” Fauci said. “They complement each other in some respect, but they’re separate channels. Even if we had no testing, we should be doing what we’re doing now.”

That’s why the task force assembled to fight the spread of the coronavirus in the United States is trying to get the word out.

“Let’s do everything that we can to ensure that we don’t need the ventilators, because we’ve protected the people who would’ve needed to use them,” Fauci said.

Officials are asking everyone to cancel non-essential procedures, too.

“To the hospitals and dentists out there: things that don’t need to be done over the next two weeks -- don’t get it done,” Fauci said. “If you are a person with an elective surgery, you don’t want to go into a hospital right now.”

He cautioned that we won’t know how well the country’s strategy is working for some time.

“It probably will be several weeks, and maybe longer, before we know whether we’re having an effect,” Fauci said. “It may be at the end of the day, we’ll see a curve that would have been way, way up.”

The administration isn’t ruling out more drastic measures.

“Are you looking at the possibility of more actions, like, for example, limiting travel within the United States?” President Donald Trump was asked.

“It’s possible,” Trump said. “We’ll see how it goes.”

Henry Ford Health System has started testing in-house on currently hospitalized patients and health care workers, with results expected within 24 hours. The hospital is also offering testing for outpatients at drive-thru locations. Those tests will be sent to an outside lab, with results expected in four or five days.

Beaumont Health has also started processing a limited number of tests in its own laboratory, allowing doctors to get results for certain patients in hours, instead of days.

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