Metro Detroit psychologist describes going fully virtual amid coronavirus outbreak

Dr. Michael Behan takes practice online in spirit of social distancing

DETROIT – The term “tele-health” has been used by President Donald Trump and members of his task force over the last several days, and in these times, it’s more important than ever.

As social distancing and quarantining becomes the norm, government officials are urging Americans to stay away from each other. In some cases, that includes their doctor.

That includes doctors that cover both your physical and mental health.

Dr. Michael Behan is a licensed psychologist and the director of the Imagine Center for Psychological Health. He has three offices in Metro Detroit.

About 10 days ago, Behan’s practice made a change.

“We didn’t want to put anyone at jeopardy, so we went mostly virtual,” Behan said.

Now, his practice is fully virtual. Behan said it’s not his preference to treatment because it’s not as person, but it’s accessible. You can see your doctor with the click of a button. He said that can be very helpful.

“There is definitely some support for tele-therapy for various problems,” Behan said. “Tele-therapy can be effective for depressed mood and post-traumatic stress.”

Behan said in these uncertain times, people might be feeling anxious and worried about the coronavirus or spreading it to loved ones. He said that’s a normal response and talking to someone should help.

“Reaching out to people you are close to,” Behan said. “Social support is known to be a very effective way to cope with stress. Also, do some things that can reduce stress and meditation. That’s a very effective strategy. REach out to people if you feel like it. Talking may help."

If you would like to speak to someone about your level of distress over the coronavirus and need some support or assistance in coping with the stress during this time, you can call Behan at 313-656-4052 and select option six. He said someone will get back to you shortly.

He said we need to reassure ourselves and others that we will get through the outbreak by being good to one another and helping each other.

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