Michigan COVID: Here’s what to know Sept. 9, 2021

2,364 new COVID cases reported Wednesday

Michigan COVID data as of Sept. 8, 2021. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Michigan reported 2,364 new cases of COVID-19 and 51 virus-related deaths on Wednesday.

Of the 51 deaths announced Wednesday, 10 were identified during a review of records.

Wednesday’s update brings the total number of confirmed COVID cases in Michigan to 964,317, including 20,447 deaths. These numbers are up from 961,953 cases and 20,396 deaths, as of Tuesday.

Wednesday’s announcement was a one-day total because data was reported on Tuesday this week instead of Monday, due to Labor Day.

Testing has increased to around 20,000 diagnostic tests reported per day on average, with the 7-day positive rate at 9.89% as of Wednesday, slightly higher than the previous week. The positive test rate has been steadily climbing since the end of June, when it was at its lowest. Hospitalizations have been steadily increasing for several weeks.

Cases are rising again in Michigan. The state’s 7-day moving average for daily cases was 1,875 on Wednesday -- a significant jump since the beginning of July. The 7-day death average was 22 on Wednesday. The state’s fatality rate is 2.1%. The state also reports “active cases,” which were listed at 57,000 on Wednesday.

Michigan has reported more than 9.6 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered as of Wednesday, with 66.3% of 16+ residents having received at least one dose while 57.7% of 16+ residents are considered fully vaccinated.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 40 million cases have been reported in the U.S., with more than 650,000 deaths reported from the virus. Globally, more than 5.5 billion vaccine doses have been administered, including more than 370 million doses in the U.S. alone.

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Flu expected to circulate more this year due to fewer COVID precautions

While coronavirus pandemic precautions helped keep the flu away last year, experts are worried that we won’t be so lucky this year.

Precautions and restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 actually also helped prevent the spread of the flu, a respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses, during the 2020 flu season. This time last year, health experts were concerned that the U.S. would experience a “twindemic” with COVID and the flu, but that didn’t happen, likely due to a combination of mask wearing, social distancing, most schools being closed and overall reduced travel.

But this year, many of those precautions and restrictions are no longer in effect, and the flu is expected to circulate more widely.

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Detroit opens scheduling for third dose of COVID vaccinations

Detroit has opened up scheduling for residents with compromised immune systems to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Residents must have been fully vaccinated for at least six months and have compromised immune systems to schedule an appointment for a third dose.

Third doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations, which were approved by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, will be offered at the TCF Center drive-thru to those with an appointment.

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MDHHS ‘strongly recommends’ Michigan schools require universal masking when students return

Michigan health officials are strongly recommending schools require universal masking when students return for in-person learning.

Last month, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services updated its guidance for preventing the spread of COVID-19 within school buildings.

“Because many students have yet to be vaccinated and students under age 12 are not yet eligible, layered prevention measures, including universal masking, must be put in place for consistent in-person learning to keep kids, staff and families safe,” an MDHHS release says.

This update brings MDHHS guidance in line with that of the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

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CDC recommends vaccinated people wear masks in schools, some indoor settings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now recommending that even vaccinated people wear masks indoors in parts of the United States where coronavirus is surging.

The CDC on Tuesday, July 27 cited new information about the ability of the delta variant to spread among vaccinated people. The CDC also recommended indoor masks for all teachers, staff, students and visitors to schools regardless of vaccination status.

The CDC said that in the United States most new infections are among unvaccinated people. But “breakthrough” infections, which generally cause milder illness, can occur in vaccinated people.

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Michigan COVID-19 daily reported cases since Aug. 16:

  • Aug. 16 -- 1,184 new cases
  • Aug. 17 -- 1,345 new cases
  • Aug. 18 -- 1,345 new cases
  • Aug. 19 -- 2,098 new cases
  • Aug. 20 -- 2,099 new cases
  • Aug. 21 -- 1,306 new cases
  • Aug. 22 -- 1,307 new cases
  • Aug. 23 -- 1,307 new cases
  • Aug. 24 -- 2,163 new cases
  • Aug. 25 -- 2,163 new cases
  • Aug. 26 -- 1,979 new cases
  • Aug. 27 -- 1,979 new cases
  • Aug. 28 -- 1,673 new cases
  • Aug. 29 -- 1,673 new cases
  • Aug. 30 -- 1,674 new cases
  • Aug. 31 -- 2,247 new cases
  • Sept. 1 -- 2,247 new cases
  • Sept. 2 -- 2,224 new cases
  • Sept. 3 -- 2,224 new cases
  • Sept. 4 -- 1,578 news cases
  • Sept. 5 -- 1,578 news cases
  • Sept. 6 -- 1,578 news cases
  • Sept. 7 -- 1,579 news cases

Michigan COVID-19 daily reported deaths since Aug. 16:

  • Aug. 16 -- 7 new deaths (8 from past three days from vital records)
  • Aug. 17 -- 23 new deaths
  • Aug. 18 -- 23 new deaths (15 from past two days from vital records)
  • Aug. 19 -- 18 new deaths
  • Aug. 20 -- 19 new deaths (13 from past two days from vital records)
  • Aug. 21 -- 4 new deaths
  • Aug. 22 -- 4 new deaths
  • Aug. 23 -- 2 new deaths (5 from past three days from vital records)
  • Aug. 24 -- 19 new deaths
  • Aug. 25 -- 19 new deaths (10 from past two days from vital records)
  • Aug. 26 -- 34 new deaths
  • Aug. 27 -- 35 new deaths (42 deaths from past two days from vital records)
  • Aug. 28 -- 9 new deaths
  • Aug. 29 -- 9 new deaths
  • Aug. 30 -- 8 new deaths (6 from past three days from vital records)
  • Aug. 31 -- 45 new deaths
  • Sept. 1 -- 46 new deaths (36 from past two days from vital records)
  • Sept. 3 -- 51 new deaths (28 from past two days from vital records)
  • Sept. 4 -- 7 new deaths
  • Sept. 5 -- 7 new deaths
  • Sept. 6 -- 7 new deaths
  • Sept. 7 -- 8 new deaths (10 from past four days from vital records)

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