Vasectomy demand in Michigan soars amid reproductive rights debate

As the debate over reproductive rights continues nationwide, doctors are noticing one clear trend involving men.

Interest in vasectomies and the number of procedures being performed has increased significantly since the supreme court decision overturning national abortion rights.

One study found the men seeking vasectomies in the three months after the Dobbs ruling were more likely to be divorced or without a partner or in a relationship but not married.

They were also more likely to be childless.

Many doctors note the men they’re seeing now also tend to be younger.

It’s a 15-minute procedure that is growing in popularity.

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“Not only do we have people more people coming in to learn about it, we’re having more people actually getting the procedure done. And even at a younger age, which is pretty consistent with some of the data that’s out there,” says Urologist Dr. Jagan Kansal.

Kansal says the increase in demand began last June after the supreme court overturned Roe v. Wade.

“We are still seeing an increase, a dramatic increase in our vasectomy volume and I think it’s more just because the conversations are coming up. And people are worried,” stated Kansal.

This study from a sexual medicine journal found a 35% increase in consultations for vasectomies after the court ruling.

“It’s actually happening at an earlier age now just because the conversation is coming up,” said Kansal. “They know they’re done having kids, and what’s the point of waiting now.”

That’s the case for Hari Pandya and his wife, who are expecting their third baby any day now.

“She’s giving birth to her, the third one, and, you know, the least I can do is, you know, take this for the team,” said Pandya.

About to turn 38, Pandya is getting a vasectomy later this summer.

He says he and his wife contemplated several birth control options, and all the talk about reproductive rights helped move him toward this decision.

This procedure trend is what doctors expect to continue.

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