Don't skip foods that make you hum

Thinking about food choice, not dieting, can help people eat healthier, maintain weight

Diet and exercise are key to maintaining a healthy weight, but that doesn't mean you have to actually diet.  In fact, dieting could go against our very nature.

"They tell you what to do and what not to do and you have to eliminate things from your eating habits and your diet. None of this is good for us psychologically. It is not good for us psychologically to be told what to do. Nobody likes to be told what to do. Rules are external set of requirements. It does not let us think about what is going on inside ourselves," said psychologist Dr. Glen Kent.

To think about what could be going on internally, stop for a second before making a food choice. 

For example, at the vending machine, if someone is asking themselves 'What do I want?,' then chances are that is not something Dr. Kent describes as a food that makes you hum because you  were not thinking about it beforehand.   The eating could be from stress or convenience, and taking a moment to think about it could be an opportunity to take a pass for something that does make you hum.

Dr. Kent said pizza is the food that makes him hum.  It's a meal he looks forward to on Fridays.

"This is a food that makes me hum and I do not give that up. Giving that up is the worst thing you can do psychologically," said Dr. Kent.

Before denying yourself a certain food, consider these facts:

Allowing ourselves the foods that make us hum frees up our mind so eating is no longer a chore.   

It is important to pay attention to our natural cues.  If something is triggering that craving, it may be a food to stay away from.

"Everything is okay in moderation and I think we have gotten away from looking at our eating habits in that way," said Dr. Kent.

Dr. Kent said to focus on the quality of food.  He said it's the quantity and frequency of eating that can get people into trouble.

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