Detroit coronavirus (COVID-19) survivor sings praises of hospital staff

Tonia Brown celebrates recovering from COVID-19

GROSSE POINTE, Mich. – A Detroit woman who was hospitalized with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is sharing her story and singing the praises of healthcare workers who helped her along the road to recovery.

Tonia Brown, 61, of Detroit, said she knew she was fighting the coronavirus, but when her symptoms started getting worse, she didn’t want to go to the hospital because she was afraid she wouldn’t come home.

She said she took all the precautions to protect herself, but she still got sick.

“I started developing a fever,” Brown said. “I usually get sick around that time. When it goes from winter to spring, I used to get strep throat, so I said, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m going to start having strep throat.’”

But in days, she said her symptoms spiraled. She ended up with double pneumonia at Beaumont Grosse Pointe.

Her three sons were worried, but they weren’t allowed to be with her. Brown said her faith helped her pull through and get back to her family.

“My God has helped me through this,” Brown said. “If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would have made it. I really don’t.”

Brown said she’s grateful to the staff at Beaumont Hospital and praised their professionalism.

“They kept a calm feeling,” Brown said. “They just did their job. They didn’t seem, to me, to be stressed, and that made it so much better .They were doing their normal job.”

She said she won’t forget the special send-off she received.

“I believe they want every patient to believe like I (did when) I left,” Brown said. “That’s their goal.”

Brown said she’s feeling stronger every day. She said she wants to do her part to help other patients through the difficult journey.

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