How to hydrate your kids during the summer

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The summertime heat can drain your child very quickly, which is why it's so important to keep them hydrated.

Tara Harwood, a pediatric registered dietician, wants parents to start with water.

"I'm a huge fan of parents using tap water because it's fluorinated and fluoride is really important for teeth in children. A lot of times, when you're getting bottled water all of the time, you're missing the fluoride," she said.

While water is always the best option, Harwood said she knows it can get boring for children.

To add a little flavor, Hardwood suggests infusing some fruit in the water.
Fill up a plastic container with lemons, watermelon or strawberries, add water and let it sit for a short time. The fruit will sweeten the water naturally, without any extra calories or sugar.

Harwood also said parents can liven up water with ice cubes.

"Something I suggest is getting some of that 100% fruit juice and putting it in some of those fun ice cube trays, and then actually freezing it and putting the ice cubes in the water and letting it lightly sweeten the water for your child. Plus, they'll think it's fun," she said.

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