Lunch hour: Does anyone get 60 minutes anymore?

Some believe the traditional lunch hour is disappearing

DETROIT - You may remember hearing about a time when workers were able to leave the office, head to a restaurant, and enjoy a meal  that would break up their busy work day. These days, it's more likely for many employees to brown bag a sandwich and scarf it down at their desk, while reviewing emails or working on a project.

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A new survey reveals about half of those polls say they get a half an hour or less for lunch. Almost 30% say they use their lunch break to get some work done.   

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The poll comes from OfficeTeam, a staffing company, which questioned more than 400 office workers about their lunchtime habits. While 38% said they are able to take an hour or more for lunch, 16% said their lunch break is 20 minutes or even shorter.

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While lunchtime is supposed to be about taking a break, many people report they work through lunch. Others use the time to socialize, surf the web, go on social media sites, run errands, or catch up on personal calls and emails.

No matter what they do, people report they are still multitasking, even during lunch. Only 1% told pollsters they do nothing but actually eat a meal.

What do you do on your lunch "break"?


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