Metro Detroit cancer patients offered free house cleanings

Michigan Maid Green is local company working with Cleaning For A Reason to help women with cancer

A metro Detroit woman fighting breast cancer discovered a free service to help her deal with life's day to day duties so she could focus on surviving her diagnosis.

Evelyn, a high school French teacher, worked while receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She discovered a lump while doing a self breast exam and was diagnosed with breast cancer last December.

"They said you saved your own life by doing the examination and finding it yourself," she said.

On top of receiving so much support from her students, when she was in the hospital she came across a pamphlet for Cleaning For A Reason.

"You could contact them and get up to four house cleanings, complimentary, just to help you during that time of treatment," she said.  

Cleaning For A Reason is a national non-profit organization that steps in to ensure women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments have a clean home, providing four free cleanings to each patient.

According to Cleaning For A Reason's website, the company has helped over 13,000 women with cancer.

Nelson Ayala, franchise owner of Michigan Maid Green. His company is one of many in metro Detroit that donates the cleanings for Cleaning For A Reason.  Ayala said they strive to obtain at least two new clients a month.

"It's a wonderful feeling that we can actually get in there, get those hazards, the dust out of the way, all of those allergens out of the way for them so they can concentrate on taking care of themselves and their family," Ayala said.

Ayala never worries about the money when he provides the free service.

"Money comes and goes all the time," Ayala said. "This is just my way to give back, I never think about it that way."

Angela Livernois, the office manager for Michigan Maid Green, said even though they're not getting paid with money, they're getting paid with values and lessons. She said Evelyn is an inspiration to her.

"She's very, always just very positive, really makes you appreciate your health," Livernois said.

"We're making it a healthy and clean, more relaxed place for them so they can just focus on getting healthy rather than having to clean," she said.

Evelyn is getting ready for the start of a new school year. She said she is thankful for Michigan Maid Green and Cleaning For A Reason's help while she was getting treatment.

"It helped enormously," she said. "It was a real treat to have somebody else clean my house and it felt a little pampered."

For more information on Cleaning For A Reason, click here.

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