More moms are sharing genetic testing results with their kids

Georgetown's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center conducted study

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Our DNA plays a large role in determining our risk for certain diseases.

Other than knowing someone has cancer, we usually have very little information about what's lurking inside our genetics that was inherited from previous generations. Now a new study finds that when mothers undergo testing, they're often sharing the results with their families.

Dr. Kenneth Tercyak, of Georgetown's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center says, "For moms in particular, who may be very concerned about their own health, it's doubly concerning to know that their child may also be at risk as well."

He assessed more than 200 women who went through genetic testing. He found most talked to their children about the results, particularly if they were teens and adults. Dr. Tercyak advises parents to keep in mind how they think their kids will react to such news.

"It might make them nervous, it might make them worried. On the flip side, it may also open the lines of communication in the family about cancer."

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