New smartphone app will check urine for medical conditions

App that analyzes urine unveiled at tech conference in Los Angeles

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DETROIT - A smartphone app that analyzes urine and checks for a range of medical conditions was shown off recently at the Technology, Education and Design (TED) conference in Los Angeles.

The app called Uchek uses a phone's camera to tests for 25 different health problems.

Urine can be tested for the existence of glucose, proteins and nitrites, according to the creator of the app Myshkin Ingawale.

Ingawale says urine can be used to identify diabetes, urinary tract infects, cancers, liver problems as well as be an indicator to overall health.

How it works:

Users need to collect urine and dip a test strip into it.

The strip is placed on a mat which is supplied with the app.

The user needs to take a photo of the strip and the app will then analyze which, if any, condition the color applies to from a chart.

The app will be available from Apple's app store from the end of March for $20, which includes the cost of the mat and five dipsticks.

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