New warning for old cinnamon challenge prank

Research shows swallowing tablespoon of pure cinnamon can cause long term health problems

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - There's a new warning out about an old teenage dare, and apparently kids aren't listening.

Doctor's have new research that shows the so called cinnamon challenge, made popular by videos online, could cause long last health problems.

Trying to swallow a tablespoon of pure cinnamon is one of those stupid pranks that transcends common sense, but kids are still trying it.

Ypsilanti teen Dejah Reed says she tried it four times, and the last time almost killed her.

"And all of a sudden I started laughing so hard and I chocked on it," said Reed. "I inhaled it into my lungs and my right lung collapsed."

The 16-year-old spent four days in the hospital and two of those days were spent on a breathing machine.

~Dejah Reed~

"It feels like burning and you and you cannot breathe here at all," she said.

One year later and Reed still feels the affects, and her love of soccer is now out of the question.

Physicians say Reed was darn lucky.

"It can irritate your lungs, what we call pneumonitis, you can get phenomena from it. Probably the most concerning thing is the numo thorax, which is a fancy word for the collapsing of the lung," said Dr. Jonathon Kerns from Botsford Hospital.

Today, You-Tuber pressure, peer pressure and any other form of pressure is out.

"One of the links I read mentioned that 70,000 people in the United States per day are doing this," said Kerns.

Reed is bravely taking a stand against the challenge, as one young woman who knows the worst case scenario.

She is trying to put a little peer pressure on her peers to not take the challenge.

Visit Reed's website and learn more about her quest to stop the cinnamon challenge at

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