Parents outraged at condom dispensers in high schools in Philadelphia

Condom dispensers in 22 public schools to battle 'epidemic' of sexually transmitted diseases

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1/3rd of public high schools in Philadelphia will soon see free condom dispensers as part of a pilot program aimed at cutting the rate of sexually transmitted diseases among young people.

 The schools in the trial program are those with the highest rates of STDs. reports, "The city is installing the clear plastic dispensers in nurses' offices at 22 high schools that have some of the highest reported rates of sexually transmitted diseases in the area.

The dispensers are part of a pilot program that has sparked outrage among some parents in Philadelphia, who worry that free condoms will encourage their teens to engage in sex.

But city officials argue that teens will have sex whether or not condoms are easily accessible.

'The reality is: Many of our teenagers, regardless of what adults think, are engaged in sexual activities,' Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told <>.