Study: Gastric bypass patients maintain results 6 years later

Study suggests gastric bypass surgery does work, patients hold off weight, cholesterol, blood pressure years later


Jody Stubler is 120 pounds lighter, does not have Type II diabetes anymore and her blood pressure and cholesterol levels both are normal.

This is all thanks to her gastric bypass surgery six years ago.

"Losing this weight has helped me to gain tremendous confidence in myself and my own abilities," she said.

Dr. Ted Adams has studied the ongoing health benefits of gastric bypass surgery. He has focused on the six years after a patient has undergone the surgery.

"Almost 80 percent of all those patients who had gastric bypass surgery at six years had been able to maintain a very significant degree of weight loss," Dr. Adams said.

Thirty-five percent of the patients' initial body weight was gone at two years and almost 28 percent had the same results at six years.

"Every cardiovascular risk factor that we studied had improved significantly or remained improved in the patients who had the gastric bypass surgery when compared to those who did not," said Adams.

Cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and Type II diabetes also decreased or were resolved in those who had the surgery.

As for Stubler, she is back in school, enjoying quality time with her family and she says there is one other perk that comes with losing more than 100 pounds.

"I am so happy with the way I look and I can go into any store and find clothes that fit," she said.

According to the study, only one gastric bypass surgery patient out of more than 400 regained the weight which had been lost. The study is considered proof that the procedure works and can help decrease the related medical consequences of severe obesity.

In cases where diet and exercise just aren't cutting it, gastric bypass surgery is a reasonable option to consider, says Local 4 Medical Expert Dr. Frank McGeorge.

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