Take The Challenge To Change

By Bobby DeMuro

A lot can happen in a week.

I'm happy to be writing a new interactive column called A Challenge to Change, where I'll introduce specific, actionable changes you can make to your daily health habits.

This won't be another "let's all talk about health with a bunch of buzzwords and lists" column. Log on to your favorite search engine -- there are a million results for health tips, blog posts, tricks, gimmicks, and more. Some are great, some are useless, and most are in between - but that sea of content doesn't usually involve a specific, actionable and measurable result to really basic health problems.

Together we're going to explore specific actions you can take, over the course of three weeks, to improve your health in different areas. Some challenges will involve small nutrition changes you can make to lose weight and feel better.

Other weeks, we'll go over physical activity challenges, best practices, and injury prevention to get you moving and active in simple and easy-to-follow ways. Still other weeks, I'll talk with doctors, psychologists, life coaches, and other qualified professionals about various aspects of health and fitness.

Regardless of the topic, what you're going to get every single week is not just a sermon, or some tips, but a challenge and a goal. I'll bridge the gap between preaching about health, to challenging you to actively pursue it -- 7 days at a time.

The challenges won't be huge or intimidating; I'm not going to challenge you to run a marathon next Wednesday. But they will be specific. And they will be modifiable - people from all abilities will be able to follow the challenge's goals for the week.

Legally, I must tell you to consult your doctor before beginning any health or fitness regimen. Don't start anything without clearance, approval, and oversight by health and medical professionals. Involve your doctor (and your personal trainer, life coach, nutritionist, etc) in your health goals.

Welcome to A Challenge To Change. I'm looking forward to exploring change and promoting health habits with you. We get started soon!


About the author:Bobby DeMuro is the Founder of No Fizz America, a non-profit dedicated to health and fitness. He is also the founder FusionSouth, a sports conditioning firm. You can follow him on Twitter here or on Facebook.

You can listen to Bobby on his weekly radio show on Radio Exiles.

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