Technology 'melts' away fat

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What if you were told there was a magic wand that would literally burn fat while all you did was lay there?

The technology exists. And while it's not an end all to losing weight, it can help you shed some unwanted pounds and lose inches off your waistline.

It's called Vanquish – and it comes with the promise of no knives or needles and a short recovery time.

How does it work? To find out Local 4 asked Dr. Ahmet R. Karaca, one of the few in Michigan who has the machine to do the procedure.

"It's based on radio frequency waves. The radio frequency waves heat the tissue and the fat cells have the most resistance of all the tissues when compared to muscles or skin. Muscle and skin have a lot of water so the radio frequency waves go through those a lot easier. And the fat cells act like a resistance so they get hot very quickly and they die and the body eventually cleanses them," Dr. Karaca said.

It is like a heating pad that melts the fat away. Results are permanent.

" The radio frequency waves do not go very deep, about a centimeter and a half only, which is half an inch, but if you thing that half an inch then you have the next inch to work on," Dr. Karaca said.

The process is four 30-minute sessions.

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