Vaccine shows promise stopping spread of Norovirus

Stomach bug infects 21 million Americans annually

By Adam Spindler - Producer

Medical researchers are working on a new way to protect people from Norovirus, which sends 70,000 people to hospitals each year.

The highly-contagious stomach virus causes nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

After a nasal vaccine against Norovirus showed less promise than expected, researchers shifted their focus to an injectable vaccine, which is now being tested in people.

"What we've seen with the injectable vaccine is that the antibody levels that are generated are much higher than we're seeing with the nasal vaccine," said Dr. John Treanor, an infectious disease specialist involved in the vaccine project.

Testing of the vaccine continues, but Norovirus can evolve quickly, so once the vaccine hits the market, it may have to be updated and re-administered from time to time.

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