What's hot in diet, fitness for 2014

Gluten-free, fitness trackers predicted to remain popular

The new year brings new trends in diet and exercise. So what's in for 2014?

"Gluten-free" was the way to be in 2013, and that fad is not fading away any time soon. A survey by Today's Dietitian magazine of more than 500 dietitians predicts "gluten-free" will be the top diet trend of 2014.

While gluten is out, ancient grains are definitely in. Experts say expect to see more widespread use of grains like quinoa, amaranth, freekeh and spelt. They're high in fiber, which means they help you feel full longer, and have other health benefits too.

Kale was king of the greens in 2013, but will have to share the crown in the year to come. A survey by the American Culinary Federation of chefs and industry professionals predicts collard greens, turnip greens, and mustard greens will replace kale in many dishes. Overall, dark greens rose in popularity 10 percent over last year.

On the fitness side, high-tech activity trackers will remain hot and feature even more features. Expect more focus on ways to track calories consumed, not just those burned. According to Pew Research, 21 percent of Americans are now using some form of technology to track their fitness or health data.

"Functional fitness" is also a causing a buzz. Those are workouts that incorporate strength training to make every day activities easier. Experts say the benefits include better balance, coordination and injury prevention.

High intensity training is also hot. Short workouts at maximum intensity appeal to people who want to work out, but don't have much time to do it.

Finally, keep those yoga pants handy. Fitness experts say the ancient practice remains incredibly popular.

You might say "namaste" is here to stay.

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