Local 4Caster Brandon Roux recalls lessons learned from his dad


My dad is Frank George Roux Jr. and he is the best! He has done what all good fathers do. He taught his son how to make his way in the world. Most of my childhood memories revolve around sports. He helped launch a little league program in our hometown outside of Chicago. He coached on the field.  And off the field, he told me how proud he was while always focused on the things I could do better.

  We had season tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks and I grew up in the Old Chicago Stadium. Those memories will NEVER leave me or him. Two years ago, we watched the Hawks win the Stanley Cup together (Sorry Wings Fans) and celebrated with my son, Christian, in the parade downtown. My dad always wears a sport coat and he did that day. It was 95 degrees! He told the crowd he was on a weight loss program.

  Frank has a brilliant sense of humor. Frank Rouxisms include: "A little bit of alright Jack."  "Let me go out and come in again."  and "We're going broke saving money."

  He's a lawyer and has a very serious side. He also once told me "Sometimes, life is a series of connected disappointments. It's what you do in between that counts."

  A bit dark, I know. But I find it to be true and it gets me through the tough times in life.

  I love you Frank George Roux Jr. Happy Fathers Day!