Bunnies and Peeps and chicks, oh my! Lauren Podell's favorite Easter treats


Nutter Butter Bunnies.
Tuxedo-wearing Peeps.
White Chocolate Chicks.

Need I say more?

I consider myself a "festive" person. I live to decorate my home for each and every holiday, therefore I love when I find the perfect holiday gift or treat. In this case, it's Easter and the first place that popped into my mind was Champagne Chocolates in downtown Mt. Clemens.

They do Easter B.I.G!

"We make over 500 chocolate bunnies for our store and provide several hundred more for a shop in Marine City," said Deb McPherson-Heuchert, owner of Champagne Chocolates. "Then on top of that we do dozens of specialty items that allow us to be super creative."

Champagne Chocolates has been a woman-owned, Michigan business for over two decades. All of their chocolate, their truffles and toffee is hand made every day. The same applies for their Easter treats. All of the bunnies faces are hand "painted" with the finest frosting and sugars.

"We have all the classics but my girls thought up a new idea this year, "Chicks on Log", chocolate dipped Oreo cookies on a pretzel stick," Deb said.

Whether you love them or hate them -- no one does Peeps quite like Champagne Chocolates.

"We dress them tuxedos, so they are ready for the formal occasion," she said.

I just bought my niece and nephew Rice Krispie treats, shaped as floppy eared bunnies, dipped in chocolate. 

One of my favorite treats is their "Stuffed Bunny". It's a classic medium sized bunny, filled with chunks of their hand made toffee.

Prices range from $3 to $30 for more elaborate Easter baskets.

If you need to fill an Easter basket before Sunday, Champagne Chocolates is open extended hours Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Champagne Chocolates
65 Macomb Place Suite E, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
Phone 586 468 1170

Visit them online: www.champagnechocolates.com/