Group pitches in to get double amputee from Westland new wheelchair for Christmas

Manual wheelchair was only transportation

Tydus Duncan reads a Christmas card in his new wheelchair. (WDIV)
Tydus Duncan reads a Christmas card in his new wheelchair. (WDIV)

WESTLAND, Mich. – A group of people pitched in to buy a double amputee from Westland a new motorized wheelchair for Christmas.

Tydus Duncan lost both of his legs in 1996 after being hit by a car and suffering an infection. Recently, his only mode of transportation has been a old, manual wheelchair, which he was using as he struggled to cross the road one day when Crystal Obiukwa saw him.

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She pulled over and talked with Duncan. After speaking with him, Obiukwa, an assignment editor at Local 4, reached out to potential donors who had offered to donate a wheelchair to someone from a news story over the summer.

When no wheelchairs were available, she started a GoFundMe account to help Duncan.

In a little more than a week, she exceed her goal by more than $400 and was able to buy a new wheelchair, as well as a winter coat and gloves for Duncan.

A few of the 30 people who donated went to Duncan's home Tuesday to drop off the new chair.

He said it was the best Christmas present he's ever gotten, as he's been trying to get a new wheelchair for years. Tydus took a moment to thank those who helped get him the gifts while trying out the new chair.

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