From tacky to terrible: Worst Father's Day gifts ever

What is the worst Father's Day gift you've ever given or received?

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DETROIT - Are you one of those people who struggle to find the perfect Father's Day gift? You're not alone. According to here are the top 10 worst Father's Day Gifts you can give.

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Number 10:

Novelty clothing: We're talking ridiculous ties, golfer socks, boxers with cute little sayings and and hankies so brightly colored it'd put a clown to shame.

Number 9:

"World's Best Dad" goodies: Shirts, mugs, trucker caps, socks, key rings, bottle openers, stubby holders, certificates, medals, cards and e-cards. You name it, and somewhere in the land of bad taste is an object with the words "World's Best Dad" on it.

Number 8:

A BBQ Apron: It doesn't matter whether it says "Kiss the chef", "King of the grill" or "the Grillfather", giving your dad a barbecue apron is as ridiculous as giving him an iPhone case when he doesn't own an iPhone.

Number 7:

Potty Putter: Does dad need a reason to stay in the bathroom any longer?

Number 6:

Silly gadgets: Will your dad really use those new tech toys you see advertised on TV?

Number 5:

Singing trout: Remember when the mounted singing trout was all the rage? Yes? Well, forget it. According to, you're dad won't want it.

Number 4:

Car accessories: Chances are your dad won't want to be the guy with fuzzy dice hanging from his rear view mirror

Number 3:

Gifts you really bought for yourself: This could be just as bad as re-gifting

Number 2:

Personal hygiene products: Does anybody want to be told they need to clip their nose hair?

Number 1:

Artificial bladders: There really is nothing left to say...

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