Lauren Podell: My dad knows how to put a smile on everyone's face

By Lauren Podell - Reporter
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DETROIT - My dad knows how to put a smile on everyone's face, including mine and he's been doing it for 27 years.  

While the name Doug Podell, makes most people in metro Detroit think of rock radio, to me the "Doc of Rock" has always just been dad.

His more than 30 year career in radio has inspired me professionally, but it's his passion for family and life that I strive to achieve as my own life progresses.

Whether it's expanding his Beatle collection, picking out the perfect Christmas gift or giving his daughter career advice, my dad always gives a hundred percent.

On top of being a loving and supportive man, my dad is just plain cool.
How many people can say their dad took them backstage to meet Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Green Day, and "Uncle" Ted Nugent.

While, I did grow up in the world of rock, my dad was not ashamed to go to a boy band concert or two as he was raising a little girl after all.

When I was in middle school, the NYSNC concert in Detroit was sold out but, my dad went above and beyond as he usually did and bought me tickets to the concert in Cleveland.

As an only child my father may or may not have spoiled me but, one thing he did do was keep me grounded.
My father has worked hard earning every ounce of success he has today.

He taught me that no one is going to get me anywhere in this business, but myself.

While his career could go down in history books, he certainly isn't history. My dad is always on top of the trends and nobody knows how to Tweet and Facebook like he can.  

My father even has an on-line radio station that has been up and running for more then 10 years.
Doug Podell is a father, friend and inspiration to me and I am one lucky girl to be able to call him dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you.

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