'Winter Wish Week' makes dreams come true

Hazel Park High School student government works with community to grant wishes for students, staff

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HAZEL PARK, Mich. - The student government at a high school in Hazel Park is organizing a ‘Winter Wish Week' to make holiday dreams a reality for students and staff at surrounding elementary schools.

The group's committee at Hazel Park High School said the purpose of the event is holiday giving.

"For one week before Christmas, we have the pleasure of granting many different kinds of wishes. This year, especially, we are going to try to grant those wishes of the most significant importance," the committee said in a press release.

In the past, wishes have been made and granted for a Christmas tree, books, winter coats, a bed, shoes, and more.

"Any donation that could help us make this event a success would be appreciated," the committee said.

Winter Wish Week will be benefit students and staff at Hoover, United Oaks, Webster and Webb elementary schools in the Hazel Park School District.

According to the committee, every teacher of grades one to five will have the opportunity to make up to three wishes for three of his or her students. Hazel Park Junior High teachers of grades six through eight will also have an opportunity to make student wishes.

"These wishes are to aide those they know who may need a brighter holiday. We are simply attempting to make a larger impact on our community as a whole," the committee said.

Organizers said the public can contribute to Winter Wish Week by making a donation, fundraising purchase, or collaborating with others.

In the past, the group has received monetary donations, gift certificates, and other items students for which students wished.

The Winter Wish Week wish list will be completed by Tuesday, November 20th. Anyone who would like to donate to the cause or has questions is urged to contact Lisa Drew, B.O.D Vice President, at ldrew1413@yahoo.com or (248) 632-0117.

Mrs. Toby Gordon, B.O.D. Advisor, can be contacted at Gordon@hazelparkschools.org or (248) 658-5100 ext. 5057.

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