Deployed Military Husband Photoshopped Into Family Holiday Picture


Danielle Cobo found a way to make a holiday photo happen for her family even though her husband is currently deployed. 

The mother of two, who lives in Tampa, Florida, asked her husband to take a photo of himself with his hand out without telling him why. He is currently serving a year deployment, and she said he probably knew she had something up her sleeve. 

“I’m obsessed with the holiday season,” Cobo. 

Cobo also took her own photo alongside her twin boys and then posted to her Facebook page to see if someone could help make her vision of a family photo into reality.

“I was overwhelmed by the kindness of people offering to merge the images together for us,” Cobo said.  

The result? A holiday photo that looks like the family is together again. Cobo’s husband actually won’t return until early next year, but even when apart, she tries to keep the family unit.

“When my husband joined the military, I had no idea the journey our life would take,” she said. “We’ve had some highs and lows. I’ve enjoyed living in different places, meeting new friends and I’m extremely proud of my husband.”

She said that it can get rather lonely at times, though.

“The hardest part is watching our twins grow up knowing that my husband is not around. By the time he comes home, he will have missed half their life,” Cobo said. 

But, she believes in what her husband is doing wholeheartedly. 

“There are people in other countries that don’t have the resources to protect themselves and he is helping them,” she added.


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