Man Arrested After Allegedly Rehearsing Mass Shooting Says He Was Just Acting

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Chilling video appears to show a dry run for a horrific mass shooting. Now the person who allegedly shot the video is speaking out.

The videos show a man identified as Steven Homoki, 30, racing around a hotel room. He could be seen aiming weapons at passersby, but he told KFMB-TV the firearms were unloaded and the videos were just play acting. 

“I did not wish to cause harm to anybody,” he said. “This is kind of like a little miniature art project, just for myself. It's a character I can get into. A mindset. Just want to relax, maybe do something a little bit fun and different.”  
“This is not an act of terrorism at all,” Homoki told the station. 

The chilling videos were filmed in the historic Sofia Hotel in San Diego, California, which overlooks federal and state courthouses, two restaurants and a popular concert venue. 

The videos were posted on YouTube in September. Cops raided Homoki's home last week after a tipster claimed he had "gone off the deep end."


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