Volunteers Travel 2,000 Miles to Help Return Stolen Dog to Owner


Thanks to the good nature of volunteers, Zeus the dog-napped pit bull has been reunited with his owner in Montana after winding up in West Virginia. 

Zeus was dog-napped from his home in Butte in October and ended up all the way in Charleston, West Virginia. Cassandra Rasmussen said a person she considered a friend stole her purse and took her 9-year-old dog after the person took advantage of her generosity. 

Two months later, the sweet-natured pit bull was found when police pulled over a truck in West Virginia. The driver was arrested. 

The dog had a microchip and was traced back to his owner, but he needed to find a way to get home.  

A caravan of volunteers was organized through Many Paws Transport, and what followed was an extraordinary 2,000-mile journey home.

After six days and nine states, starting in West Virginia and going through Kentucky, Kansas, Wyoming, and Montana, the dog was home on Dec. 12. 


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