New York Woman Says Lab Tests Resulted In $28,000 Bill

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A New York woman went to a doctor in need of care and ended up with a massive headache when she saw a medical bill for thousands of dollars. 

Alexa Kasdan thought she might have strep throat when she went to Manhattan Specialty Care on Park Avenue. 

“I got antibiotics and a strep test,” she told Inside Edition. “I was out of there in 15 minutes.” 

Kasdan didn’t have strep throat, but the work done to determine that would prove costly. 

“I thought there was a mistake,” she said. “I was really confused … I thought they said $25, then $250, but then I got the bill for $28,000.” 

Kasdan said the samples were sent to an out-of-network lab and 18 different tests were performed. What would have cost about $600 in network instead cost $28,865.24. Minus her contribution, Kasdan was expected to pay $25,865.24.

Kasdan’s insurance company sent a check for almost the entire amount and the doctor's office forgave the balance due. 

Inside Edition reached out to Manhattan Specialty Care, but it was not available for comment.


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