Why Harvey Weinstein Got Called Out by the Judge in Court

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The judge presiding over Harvey Weinstein’s trial in New York threatened to jail the embattled movie producer Tuesday over his use of his cell phone in court. 

“I don’t care who you are,” Judge James Burke said when he saw Weinstein texting on one of the four cell phones he brought to court.

Weinstein apologized and one of his defense attorneys, Donna Rotunno, said she was not aware. 

“He was aware,” Burke replied, in reference to Weinstein and what he called an “ongoing issue.” 

"I don't want an apology. I want compliance,” the judge said.

Jury selection began Tuesday. Jury summonses were sent to 2,000 men and women in New York. Prospective jurors were given a 16-page questionnaire that included prompts such as, “Harvey Weinstein is a film producer. This case has been widely publicized ... will you assure all parties you will base this case only on the evidence?”

Jury consultant Jill Huntley Taylor told Inside Edition it will be ideal for Weinstein’s team to have one woman who they view to be sympathetic to their client picked for the jury. 

“A woman is going to be a leader on this jury and men often defer to women in cases of sexual assault or rape,” she said. 


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