How Coronavirus Is Affecting Easter Celebrations Around the World

Much like members of the Jewish community celebrating Passover this week, Christians are finding that observing Easter in 2020 will require some thinking outside the box because of the COVID-19 epidemic

Experts are predicting that on Easter Sunday, more than 2,000 people will die in America from coronavirus.

Church services will be held virtually to avoid social contact. Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, has urged priests and parishes to hold mass via the internet or on television. 

"We have to respond to our confinement with all our creativity," the pope said in an interview published by several Catholic newspapers this week.

Pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Texas will hold their Easter Sunday broadcast on TV. It will feature Mariah Carey, Kanye West and Tyler Perry. 

New York City's St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the heart of the Catholic Church in America, will be silent on Easter Sunday. Fifth Avenue, where the church is located, normally has an Easter parade following services, however, this year it will be silent and barren.

While a handful of preachers of other Christian denominations are still vowing to hold Easter service, Christian evangelist and missionary Pastor Franklin Graham says to do otherwise. He is calling for everyone to “take a deep breath and stay indoors for just another three weeks.” 


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