Ultimate guide to clear your clutter


DETROIT – Karen Eschebach, the co-founder of Clever Container and a professional organizer  says before and after pictures can really help when tackling clutter.

"I like doing before-and-after pictures because it does two things. No.1, it makes you feel like your accomplished; you remember kind of how it used to be, and No. 2, when it is set up, then you will know where to put things back the next time," Eschebach said.

Local 4 caught up with her while she was helping a friend, fellow entrepreneur Alison Emerick, tackle some problem spots in her home.

Emerick runs Ease Living, an online store selling luxury home medical equipment, out of her home. 

"Just so the house looks nicer when people come it, it would be nice to not have piles of stuff everywhere," Emerick said. "Things tend to get more cluttered as the week goes on and I feel like if there is more a system that won't happen so much."

Eschebach and Emerick organized the kitchen counter area where everyone in the family puts cellphones, keys, papers and other items. Like most homes, it's a catch-all area for stuff.

In under 10 minutes they had the space cleaned up and organized. Eschebach introduced a couple products so that papers, pens, cellphones, even cords had a place to be stored.

"If you already have a place for something, things try to make a conscious effort to put them with the like things that you already have a place for," Eschebach said.

She also said the timer is your friend when it comes to organizing. Set the timer, maybe turn on some music and get to work. 

When organizing or cleaning, Eschebach recommends working a room like a clock. Consider tackling the area from 12 to 3 o'clock, then take a break.

Use the one in, one out rule. Before bringing something new into your home, something else has to go.

And have a home for everything. Eschebach recommends containers with lids. When they're full, it's time to clean them out.

The duo also tackled the closet of Emerick's teenage daughter. During the process, Eschebach recommended putting like with like -- that is, all T-shirts, button-up shirts together, dresses together ... etc. 

The run can be applied to any area being organized.

"Separating those again shows you what you have in your closet," Eschebach said.

And make use of all of the space.  In this instance, they put hooks on the closet doors since they are left open and Emerick's daughter to hang things there so they won't end up on the floor.

Eschebach also recommends using the same hangers and take out unused hangers. You can put them in a basket on the floor.

Don't keep items out of guilt -- maybe you paid too much fro something or you received it as a gift that you don't love. Eschebach said to only keep what brings you joy.

Eschebach is an expert with clearing the clutter and now runs Clever Container, a company she founded with friend Jennifer Weaver. Through home parties and online sales they offer tools and techniques to keep every area of your life organized.  Clever Container consultants also give organizing tips, techniques and products to their customers.

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