Watch this stunning drone video showcasing beautiful Detroit

DETROIT – See Detroit in beautiful 4K from the perspective of a drone.

Trevor Cutts, a 24-year-old creative who grew up in South Africa and New York, released a breathtaking video showcasing Detroit from the air.

"My parents moved to Northern Michigan recently, and that's what gave me my first chance to visit Detroit," Cutts said. "I was honestly blown away by the city, and I'll never forget my first rides down Grand River and Michigan Avenue. There is so much beauty, art and soul in the D!"

Cutts graduated from North Carolina-Chapel Hill and when he got his drone this summer, he immediately started working on his first project - documenting Detroit by air.

"I met so many creative, friendly people while making the video that I ended up deciding to move to Detroit," Cutts said.

The video features shots from all around the city, using stunning angles and mirroring tricks, giving the perspective a completely fantastical feel.

"I realized that the stunning angles a drone allows could be 'tripped out' by making them symmetrical," Cutts said. "I loved the new life these shots took on with the mirror edits; especially the Hart Plaza segment in the middle."

Check out the video here or below. And the video is 3:13. 

Air Detroit from Trevor Cutts on Vimeo.

She once lost her wheels, but she’s starting to fly.

This video is the result of one week of scouting and one week of shooting, in Detroit, with my Yuneec Q500 4K drone.

concept + aerial video + editing:
Trevor Cutts // @goodratio //

Ajay Bhattacharyya // @stint //

sk8rbo + d-town advice:
Justin Bohl //

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