American Girl's newest doll inspired by Detroit, Motown


American Girl's newest doll is inspired by Detroit.

Meet Melody. She's a nine-year-old growing up in Detroit in the mid-1960s. Here's how they describe her:

Nine-year-old Melody is growing up in Detroit in the mid-1960s, a time of great energy, optimism, and change for the African American community. She is a singer and loves to perform in church, with her family, and in her community. Her stories are set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, which was gathering momentum, and the music scene, including the success and popularity of Motown Records and its artists.

As Melody gains more awareness of racial inequality and her sense of community grows from her extended family to include her neighborhood and, ultimately, all African Americans, she is inspired by Dr. King to have a dream of her own: to lift her voice for fairness and equality.

Melody is available for purchase here.

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