Foot doctor provides free shoes

He's known as the Sole Doctor but Doctor Anthony Weinert is more than just a foot doctor. He's made it his mission to provide Metro Detroit's less fortunate population with brand new shoes.

"I really wanna help people here in the community," said Dr. Weinert.

That's just what he has set out to do. By day he's a foot and ankle surgeon out of Troy and Warren. When he's not working on patients, he's running his non-profit called Shoe Pantry Plus.

"We provide brand new shoes, boots and socks for the homeless, for veterans, disabled and low income men, women and children in Detroit, Flint and surrounding communities," he explained.

Doctor Weinert knows the importance of a good pair of shoes. His late mother inspired him to start the non-profit.

"She grew up in a family of 15," said Weinert. "Sometime she would have to walk to school barefooted."

Since her passing and for the past year he's made Shoe Pantry Plus his mission. He collects shoes, even purchasing most of them with his own money, and fits each person in need. The free shoes helped Thelia Hogan walk comfortably again.

"He took the time out to care,” said Hogan. “Not only for me but for everybody and shoes is important for us."

While she's not here to see the work he's doing, Doctor Weinert continues to provide free shoes in his mom's honor.

"How do you think, looking down on you now...How do you think she would feel about the work that you're doing here in Detroit?” asked Local 4’s Evrod Cassimy.

“She would be very proud of me because she knows I’m doing what's coming from my heart," answered Weinert.

At the end of March, Doctor Weinert is going into Detroit Public Schools to provide students there with brand new shoes.

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