How you can prepare for spring running


As spring nears, get tips on how to get ready to start running again.

Ease into it: After a long winter your body might not be ready to jump back into a running routine. Especially if you haven’t been running consistently throughout the winter, ease into it. Start out slow, running just a few miles, and slowly increase your mileage as you get back into shape. To avoid injury, also try to run only a few days a week to give your body time to recover.

Limit your intensity: As you work on getting back into shape, try to avoid any high-intensity workouts at first. This includes avoiding hills and sprints as you begin running.

Set a schedule: To keep you on track for getting back into shape, try to set a schedule for yourself. This will help you avoid over-training and will keep you on schedule for getting back into your peak running form.

Track your progress: To help keep you motivated as you resume running, keep a journal of your running progress. This will help you see how far you’ve come since you started running again and will also let you know how far you still have to  go.