Husband's gesture for his wife with cancer goes viral


DETROIT – This husband's beautiful gesture for his wife will bring tears to your eyes. Here's the story from TODAY.

Mackenna Newman, 17, perfectly captured her parents’ love in a photo of her dad setting up a desk, outside her mom’s room, to keep her company through her radiation treatments.

The Temecula, California family has inspired people all over the country. The photo, which she tweeted, has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times.

Newman’s mom, Marci Newman, 49, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in October 2015.

Due to the nature of the treatments for this form of cancer, her mom has to spend considerable time in complete isolation. The isolation is meant to keep those around her from being exposed to her radiation treatments.

But Mackenna’s dad, John Newman, 45, doesn’t let that stop him from spending quality time with his wife.

“At first he was sitting outside in the back yard in a chair and talking to her through the window,” Newman told TODAY.

H/T: Today Show

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