4 Metro Detroit restaurants make list of '100 Best Burgers in America'


DETROIT – Is the best burger in America right here in Michigan?

Thrillist released their list of the 100 Best Burgers in America, written by food critic Kevin Alexander.

The top burger in the country goes to Portland, Oregon's Stanich's, which was a cheeseburger with grilled onions.

Metro Detroit did land four of the 100 spots on the list. Here's who made the list:

No. 9: Redcoat Tavern (Royal Oak) - Classic burger with sharp American cheese

It was a rainy Wednesday in Detroit, and I was not trying to go all the way up to Royal Oak. I thought of several excuses as to why I could skip Redcoat and still have sampled most of Detroit's finest burgers, but my friends from the area urged me otherwise. "Trust us," they said, "it's worth it. You'll see."

I didn't want to see. And when I got there, I figured it wouldn't work out. I'm a diner-burger lover, and here was this big pub burger. But when I took a bite out of the burger, I was changed. As I said in the review, "The meat in the Redcoat Tavern burger is seasoned and cooked perfectly. There was a garlic undertone, great salt & pepper flavors, and a perfect, crispy char on the outside, holding together a juicy, loosely ground, perfectly cooked burger. The 'special sauce,' which is just really good mayo with minced onion in it, combined with the shredded lettuce to offer the perfect complement for the fatty meat and melted sharp Cheddar." I ate the whole thing that day, despite having to eat five more burgers. And I'd do the same damn thing today.

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No. 57: Mot'z Burgers (Detroit) - Double cheeseburger with extra fried onion

Have you ever had an El Reno-style Oklahoma onion burger? Well, if you happen to be in the Midwest, this is the closest thing to a pure Oklahoma-style onion burger you’re going to get, especially if you do the smart thing and get those extra fried onions.

No. 76: Miller's Bar (Dearborn) - Cheeseburger

Don't expect a menu. Or windows. But do expect one of the best burgers in Michigan, seared perfectly and topped with a thick wad of Velveeta. Also, I dare you to ask, as I did, if they ever considered toasting their buns.

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No. 85: Travis Coffee Shop (St. Clair Shores) - Cheeseburger

The quintessential diner burger in the quintessential Midwest diner.

See the full rankings here.

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