Fitness Friday: Workouts for runners and golfers

No matter what sport you play, a gym in Birmingham aims to improve your game (especially if you're a golfer or runner).

OmniKinetics not only looks to make you stronger but also prevent injury and rehabilitate by adding more mobility and stability into every workout. 

Graham Polakoff, OmniKinetics founder, says mobility and stability are two things usually missing in a workout. Buy adding both through specific exercises in your workouts, you can increase your rotation and range when throwing a baseball or swinging a golf club.

The gym is set offer free seminars on the benefits of OmniKinetics:

  • 2nd Thursday of each month from 7-8pm
  • September 14th - Running:  The Missing Link Between "Overuse" Injuries and Your Race Day PR's.
  • October 12th - Basketball: The Missing Link to ACL Prevention and Your Single Leg Explosiveness .
  • November 9th - Skiing: This Missing Link Your Performance in the Gym and Knee Injuries on the Slopes
  • December 14th -  The Missing Link Between Your Fitness Routine and Finally Eliminating Your Back Pain.

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