You can own this 3-story home in the Italian countryside for $66

House is valued at more than $280K

Photo courtesy of winahouseinitaly.com.
Photo courtesy of winahouseinitaly.com.

Want to own a home in Italy valued at $282,000 -- for just $66?

Che bello! Fantastico!

A British man is selling his property in Abruzzo via a raffle, and winning it might feel like winning the lottery. 

Tickets for the raffle cost $66, and the winner will receive the three-story, three-bedroom house located in the Italian countryside, according to a report on thisisinsider.com.

The man, who identifies himself only as Abbott, said there have been no serious takers on the house in his attempts to sell it, so he came up with the idea for the raffle.


A maximum of 6,000 tickets will be sold for the raffle, and Abbott said he needs to sell 4,000 tickets to make the raffle a success.

The report said he has already sold 3,000 tickets.

The contest expires on Sept. 30, and the drawing will be held at the end of October.

In addition to the drawing for the house, a second-prize drawing will be held, with the winner of that receiving $13,270. 

For more on the contest, or to enter, visit Abbott’s website


Photos: Provided by WinAHouseInItaly

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