Ashlee Baracy's dress is hit at Charity Preview

Stop the presses! I mean dresses! This is a fashion firestorm warning!

By Jon Jordan - Fashion Editor
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DETROIT - I was supposed to file a story about who wore what to the Charity Preview.

In reality, there was only one story: The crowd-stopping (literally) dress that Local 4 Morning Show Traffic Reporter, Ashlee Baracy, wore to the event.

IMAGES: Ashlee Baracy's dress

Her brochure couture was a one-of-a-kind number whipped up by hometown fashion visionary, Matthew Richmond. Made from automobile showroom brochures and banners, it proved to be a fashion ?restorm, igniting the interest of all who crossed it's path.

CEOs and socialites staggered and swooned and partygoers snapped photos, facebooked and tweeted relentlessly as Ashlee and Matt attempted to make their way through the party. The ensemble was even accessorized with pieces made from engine parts--but you'd never know it.

So meticulous was their construction by Janna Bissett, the earrings, necklace and bracelet transitioned from sturdy to stunning.

The images and some details are already making the global rounds, but the real story is yet to be told. That will all be unveiled in my segment on a Dateline Detroit Special Primetime Edition this coming Wednesday evening, January 18th at 8:00 PM on Local 4.

I'll be gladly resuming my role as WDIV Style Editor.

At The Charity Preview this year, I was merely Ashlee's Dress Guard.

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