How to get your body ready for the beach

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We are just weeks away from summer which means beaches and bikinis.

If you've been over eating or skipping the gym in the past few months, you've got just a short time to get beach-body ready.

Thankfully, we've got tips on how to get in shape in a hurry.

"You gotta work out at least five days a week," said Art of Strength owner and trainer Mike Knight. "You gotta devote that time to yourself."

Knight insists that no matter how often you work out, it's time to kick it into high gear. The first step is a five-day or more a week workout plan.

"You also got to work out smarter," said Knight. "Think about this, I mean, we keep doing the same things over and over and over. If you're body isn't changing in a week, two weeks, something's wrong, seek advice."

Second, it's time to change up your workout.

Try working out with a Russian kettlebell.

  • The Turkish Get Up: Lie flat then move to a controlled standing position while holding the ball.
  • The Kettlebell Swing: Swing the bell in between your legs.
  • Kettlebell Snatch: Almost like a one handed swing.

"I would like to be 60 pounds smaller and to lose inches in my hips and waist," said gym member Mary Gee.

Gee is working out using kettlebells with a class at Art of Strength. She's lost 10 pounds in 11 weeks. She describes how difficult these workouts can be when trying to get beach body ready.

"In the beginning very but as you come the more you do it the easier it gets," said Gee.

But most importantly, Gee has changed her diet, eliminating certain foods which is the third most important factor.

"Sugar, bread, black coffee, no eating after 8pm," explained Gee.

Just how much does diet affect getting that beach body?

"It's 80 percent, maybe even 90 percent," explained Knight. "People are trying to outrun their diets. They're trying to outwork their diets. If you don't get out of the kitchen, you're never going to make it to the gym."

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