Is actuary really BEST job of 2013? ranked 200 jobs using several factors such as stress, work environment

By Jamie Edmonds - Reporter

Americans spend more time than ever working, but are you happy?

"I'm happy, I have job satisfaction," Joseph Marker said.

Marker is an actuary, a career he chose nearly 40 years ago.

"An actuary deals with insurance policies and takes past data and the number of years to predict the losses for the next year," he said.

According to, Marker should be happy. Actuary is the number one job to have in 2013. The website ranked 200 jobs based on salary, stress level, work environment, job growth and physical exertion and came up with the best of the best such as biomedical engineer, financial planner and dental hygienist.

Slideshow: Best/worst jobs of 2013

Newspaper reporter was ranked as the worst job to have in 2013, but that doesn't bother budding journalist Stephanie Shenouda.

"I get why it would be on the worst list, you're always running, you're always looking for sources, you're always on the go, but that's always why I like the job so much," she said.

Shenouda, a student at University of Michigan and a writer for the Michigan Daily, said she doesn't mind if the job is on the worst of the worst list, she's still going to pursue a career.

Besides newspaper reporter, the site ranks lumberjack, mail carrier, roofer and flight attendant among the worst jobs to have in 2013.

What they didn't account for is personality and work ethic.

Marker says do what makes you happy and don't worry about any list.

Here's the full list.

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