Relationship expert offers fast fixes for relationships

Author offers six quick fixes for relationships in new book

DETROIT - Leslie Anne and George Cone say they've been happily married for 30 years.

"I think honestly, we bring out the best in each other," said Leslie Anne Cone.

"She absolutely is the love of my life in so many ways," said George Cone.

But it has not always been easy. They have had struggles to work though like any other couple.

"We have very different communication styles," said Leslie Anne Cone.

"So we came to the conclusion that if she wanted help, she had to ask for it," said George Cone.

Dr. Lana Staheli, an author and consultant on relationships and life strategies, said couples have to be willing to put in the work for a successful relationship.

Staheli is getting ready to release a new book that offers advice that fixes relationships in a snap.

"Oh, you can turn it around in a month," said Staheli.

She said the No. 1 relationship killer is criticism. Instead, she said focus on what's right with your partner.

No. 2: Don't let your arguments escalate.

"We used to think express your anger and you'll feel better. That's not true. The more anger you express the more angry you feel," said Staheli.

No. 3: Plan intimacy. Staheli said in the first year of marriage, that can decrease by 25 percent.

"Sex is the most bonding chemically and emotionally way we have of being together," said Staheli.

She said keep your relationship fresh by trying new things together and don't forget to make each other feel special.

"I think we often get into the habit of just sort of rolling through the day and we quit treating each other as someone special," said Staheli.

Lastly, Staheli says don't have the same conversation more than twice.  She says it will only frustrate you both.

The Cones offer this advice: "A one-minute compliment, a 30-second hug, and a 10-second kiss, every day," said Leslie Ann Cone.

"And never going to sleep mad," said George Cone.
Staheli's new book "Snap Strategies for Couples: 40 Fast Fixes for Everyday Relationship Pitfalls" comes out in April.

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