Riverview among Michigan's safest cities

Safewise.com lists top 50 safest cities in Michigan

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

RIVERVIEW, Mich. - The great thing about polls and lists developed by organizations like the Safewise report is it gives reporters reasons to go to those cities to find out what makes them so great or so safe or so perfect and that means we also have the opportunity to stumble over something great.

Using data collected by the FBI in 2012, Safewise.com compiled statistics and came up with the 50 safest cities in Michigan. On Tuesday, we ended up at safest city No. 3 -- Riverview.

In Riverview, they haven't had a homicide since 2008. They haven't had a stranger related assault or rape ever. There's never been a carjacking and never an arson. The police chief says "knock wood" on all of that.

It also gives us an opportunity to stumble over great gems we would normally not stumble over unless they were a part of our very own communities. And that's how we found Flower Child Herbs on Sibley Road. It's one of those places you can lose yourself in. Jill Howard makes her own concoctions from the flowers and herbs she grows herself.

It's a family operation. Mom sews the herbal pillows for your migraine headaches and your back aches. Dad does a lot of the growing of the herbs and flowers, especially those flowers used for her special hand salve that helps wipe away the winter itch and scratch you feel on your dry skin. Her husband helps out in the store. Dog Maggie mostly gets in the way.

Flower Child Herbs is not trying to compete with the big box stores. Jill is doing all of her own stuff. And doing it lovingly. It's her passion and that's what makes Flower Child Herbs a place you must visit either in person or on the web.

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