Sarcasm makes you smarter, says Harvard

No, really?

DETROIT - You're not going to believe this, but being sarcastic actually makes you smarter, according to a Harvard study.

In a Harvard paper titled, "The highest form of intelligence: Sarcasm increases creativity for both expressers and recipients," researchers explain how being sarcastic can actually increase your IQ.

"Sarcasm — expressions that intend to convey their true meaning by signifying the opposite of their literal meaning — affords creative benefits," the authors of the paper wrote.

Participants conducted simulated conversation tasks in which they had to express ot receive comments with varying degrees of sarcasm - and sincerity.

Those who experienced more sarcasm — through expression or reception — in the first task were shown to be more creative and to think more abstractly in the second.

"While sarcasm in a non-trusting relationship fuels conflict," they wrote, "sarcasm in a trusting-relationship is less harmful and may even bring individuals closer." So, as long as there's a sense trust, sarcasm "allows individuals to reap the benefits of creativity without incurring conflict."

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