Scheming squirrels foil Metro Detroit Easter egg hunt

DETROIT - Nothing like a nice Easter egg hunt on a Sunday morning, right? 

Some local squirrels decided that this joy couldn't be shared with an Oak Park family. 

Pedro Kasperek set up an Easter egg hunt for his daughters in his Oak Park, Michigan yard. The plastic eggs were filled with jelly beans and little Reese's peanut butter cups.

Some of the eggs also contained small coins.

The squirrels, who have not been identified, had other plans for the hidden eggs.

The thieving animals found the eggs before Pedro's daughters, and ruined the egg hunt for the entire family.

Once the family noticed the crime taking place, Pedro's daughter Nora sprung into action, telling the squirrels, "Those are mine and sissy's eggs!"

The squirrels got to about 6 of the more than 30 eggs that were hidden. More egg casualties were later found in neighboring yards. 

"My five year old and nine year old daughters did not seem to find it as hilarious and amusing as I did," said Pedro.

Pedro even described a moment when one of the squirrels seemed to brag about stealing the candy.

"The squirrel then climbed up a tree with the jelly bean in its mouth and it looked back at us and almost snickered."

Police have not released a description of the squirrels, but photos show that that one has a bushy tail and an impressive set of claws - perfect for tearing into plastic eggs.

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