Surprising new office party trend for women

Local 4's Karen Drew got the inside scoop on a new office party trend that is both fun and practical for woman: bra parties.

The company behind it is Essential Bodywear, which sends bra-fitting specialists to homes and workplaces.  

The idea was started in 2003 by Michigan mother of three Carrie Charlick.

"You're invited to like jewelry parties, Tupperware parties. I mean, they're fun parties, but my friend and I came up with this business -- let's get some theme that women actually need," Charlick said.

Charlick now has $4 million in sales a year and 400 representatives throughout the country.

They key to the company's success? Helping women find undergarments that fit them correctly in a time and place that's convenient for them.

"We have bras, we will travel," Charlick said.

All bra-fitting sessions are private. The typical price for one of the company's bras is $70.

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